zenith magazine

As of spring 2015, Candid took on the editorial responsibility for zenith Magazine, in partnership with the publishing house Deutscher Levante Verlag. Most of Candid’s founders have written for the magazine beforehand, some of them even were among the founders of Germany’s first and leading magazine specialised in reporting on the Middle East and the wider Muslim world.

Publishing an independent magazine has become increasingly costly over the past couple of years: Instead of opting for classic print advertisement, companies look to buy editorial space in magazines. The founders of zenith have always strongly rejected the idea of publishing biased articles and blurring the lines between content and advertisement. Candid’s mission is to foster accurate and tangible reporting on complex issues that require time, expertise and endurance: The foundation wants to carry on zenith as a non-for-profit media project.

Candid is convinced that zenith is filling a niche in the German media landscape given that it is the only special-interest magazine in the market that offers independent, in-depth analysis, investigative research and elaborate comments on current political and economic issues – from multiple perspectives but with a focus on a region in turmoil.

With zenith Magazine’s readership and subscribers, Candid can build on a network of several thousand individuals that are interested in the MENA region and in intercultural exchange. Based on this, Candid is devolopping a vibrant online and offline community. We organise exclusive events for our zenith Club members, partner with other organisations and support the publication of daily first-hand digital content.